Our Beliefs

At KIPP Philadelphia, we know actions speak louder than words, and that our actual results prove what is possible for all children in our city. We have a set of Regional Beliefs that inform our actions and are shared by every member of our Team & Family. Though we may sometimes fall short of the lofty ambitions implicit in these Beliefs, we are willing to admit it and then seek to find solutions.

By sharing our Beliefs here, we hope it will help people understand what is important to us, and what we believe about teaching, learning, our children, and our place in our community.

  1. The extraordinary efforts we make at KIPP Philadelphia are a necessary response to the achievement gap. KIPP Philadelphia is a solution, not the solution, to this problem.

  2. All children will learn if they are taught in a high-quality way and in a safe and orderly environment.

  3. By spending more time on task, we are able to focus on all the results that we believe are important, qualitative and quantitative.

  4. Character is as important as academic skills for success in both school and life.

  5. In their experiences at KIPP Philadelphia, our students, families, and staff should feel valued and respected.

  6. Our students should have a positive influence on their families & communities.

  7. We must recruit, develop, retain, and reward a diverse team of outstanding people.

  8. We have high expectations for our students, and what we expect of our students we must ourselves embody and be committed to developing.

  9. In order to accomplish our mission we must build positive, trust-based relationships with our students, families, communities and each other.

  10. We do what we say, in alignment with our beliefs, values, mission, vision and KIPP’s Five Pillars.