Meet Our Teachers

What if all your colleagues were on the same page?

Being a KIPP teacher involves a great deal of commitment, but it also means that you your colleagues will always have your back. You will be given the freedom to innovate in your classroom, as well as the support and professional development necessary to grow as an educator. Every day, our teachers are transforming public education in the city of Philadelphia and proving that zip code does not determine destiny.

At KIPP Philadelphia, our teachers never teach alone. We have purposefully built a culture around sharing and collaboration because—although our teachers’ experience and backgrounds are wide and varied—every member of our collaborative Team and Family shares the determination to do whatever it takes to ensure students succeed in college and beyond.

In addition to teaching rigorous and engaging lessons emphasizing both character and academics, all KIPP Philadelphia teachers are provided with a daily planning period and significant time for collaboration during grade level and content area meetings each week. Explore sample schedules from each of our schools.

As part of a national network of KIPP schools, our educators also appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with over 3,000 KIPP educators nation-wide through retreats, summits, and an online sharing platform, KIPP Share. Learn more about sharing and collaboration in the KIPP network.