KTC Programs

KIPP Through College (KTC) counselors specializing in college placement begin working with our KIPP Philadelphia middle school alumni and high school students throughout their high school careers to ensure that they take the necessary steps to graduate from high school and earn admission to and financial aid from college.

Future Focus

Through a partnership with Accenture, KIPP Philadelphia, a career readiness program focused on building the essential career readiness skills needed for success in the competitive job market. Future Focus provides KIPP DuBois high school juniors with in-school workshops focused on college and career readiness topics, and a six-week summer internship experience targeted to each student’s area of career interest.

Post-Secondary Support

As a middle school promoter or high school graduate KIPP Philadelphia Schools students earn alumni status and are eligible to receive post-secondary supportive services from KIPP Through College. Alumni receive advising and coaching support from members of the KIPP Through College Post-Secondary Team to help them successfully navigate life after high school.

Support is designed around the chosen post-secondary path of alumni and delivered through three distinct buckets of programming:

  • 4-Year College/University

    Alumni attending a 4-year college/university are eligible to receive academic advising, financial aid coaching and access to personal/career development enrichment opportunities through KIPP Philadelphia Schools partnerships/supporters.

  • 2-Year College/University

    Alumni attending community colleges are eligible to receive academic coaching, course advising, financial aid coaching and support navigating campus resources as well as information about local/community-based enrichment opportunities through our Community Scholars Program.

  • Career & Technical Education Training

    Alumni not enrolled in a college degree program, but currently engaged with career/technical training programs or unsure but actively seeking guidance are eligible to receive career development & coaching support through our Embark Program. Embark participants are also eligible to receive college research and exploration support if alumni determine that they would like to explore a degree program pathway.