KIPP Through College

KIPP Philadelphia is committed to supporting its students and alumni to and through college. Students earn alumni status once they have completed 8th grade at a KIPP middle school or graduated from a KIPP high school. KIPP Through College counselors provide essential resources to all KIPP students and alumni as they make the transition from middle school to high school, as they prepare for and enter college and while they pursue their college degrees.  At KIPP, we believe in doing whatever it takes to ensure students find success on their journey to and through college.


High School Transition Support

Counselors for the KIPP Through College (KTC) program begin working with students enrolled in KIPP Philadelphia middle schools during their 7th grade year. Through classes and workshops taught by middle school and KTC staff, students and families are introduced to the high school choices available to them and are supported in choosing a high school that will best prepare the student for success in college. Once students have promoted from a KIPP middle school at the end of 8th grade, earning KIPP alumni status, a KTC counselor continues to work with the alumni throughout their high school years.

Services that are provided to support our KIPP Philadelphia alumni in high school include:

  • Regular contact from a KTC counselor
  • Visits by KTC staff to the alumni’s placement high school
  • Assistance in finding summer programs and other extracurricular activities
  • Transfer support and counseling

College Placement and Support Services

KIPP Through College (KTC) counselors specializing in college placement begin working with our KIPP Philadelphia middle school alumni and high school students throughout their high school careers to ensure that they take the necessary steps to graduate from high school and earn admission to and financial aid from college. Through classes at KIPP DuBois and through workshops after school and on the weekends, KIPP's college placement counselors provide guidance and support as students explore which colleges may be a fit for them and navigate the admissions process. Once students are enrolled in college, KIPP's college support counselors provide on-going guidance aimed at keeping alumni on the path to degree completion.

Services that are provided throughout high school and college include:

  • Regular contact from a KIPP Through College counselor
  • Assistance with enrollment in pre-college summer programs including those with KIPP College Partnership schools
  • ACT and SAT preparation
  • College tours
  • Admission essay and application workshops
  • Financial aid and FAFSA completion workshops
  • Scholarship search and application assistance, including assistance in applying to the KIPP Philadelphia College Scholarship
  • Visits by KIPP Through College staff to the alumni’s placement high school and/or college

College Partnerships

At a national level, KIPP has forged partnerships with colleges that have demonstrated success in supporting KIPP students all the way through their college degrees. These KIPP College Partners dedicate resources to supporting KIPP alumni on their campuses and to working closely with KIPP to strengthen supports for KIPP and other first-generation students. KIPP Philadelphia Schools coordinates with KIPP Foundation to identify colleges in our state and region that are best serving our alumni and supporting them on their climb to and through college to form similarly strong relationships. Read more about college partnerships.>>