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KIPP Philadelphia is a joy-filled community fueled by impacting students’ lives and a support system that values your voice and cares about your wellness. We encourage you to show up as authentically YOU. We will pour into you through proven leadership development, high-quality coaching, competitive pay, and excellent benefits. Choose a career with KIPP Philly; choose to make an impact!

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Why YOU Should Join KIPP Philly…

Learn what sets us apart. We’re just different!


Our students are at the center of everything we do

Every decision we make is with our students in mind. From decorating classrooms, to staffing decisions to professional goals. We finish each sentence and idea asking, “Is this best for students?”

KIPP schools are full of joyful learning

Through black joy and our whole-child approach, we aim to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and character strengths to live a choice-filled life. We celebrate our students’ identities, academic gains, and individuality. We chant. We cheer. We have fun while getting work done! And students are engaged and excited about their learning throughout the process. 

Our Core Values are REAL

At KIPP Philly, we like to say that our core values are “in the water”— we live by them. They are not just words on paper but the heart and soul of our network permeating through all lanes of our work. Our commitment to team collaboration, staff authenticity, equity, and a student-centered approach is real. We persevere for kids and each other.

We Care About Growth & Wellness

Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran teacher, we care about your holistic development and overall wellness at KIPP Philly. Have you ever been surrounded by people who are just as invested in growing as you are? Is your biggest goal to become an expert equipped to impact change beyond the classroom? When you join us, you join a team committed to your development in every way. At KIPP Philly, you are never alone in this work. When you look around a room, you’re looking at the people who desire to have a transformative impact on you. You want intelligent, hardworking people on your team—and we have many of them nationwide. We have nationally recognized coaching structures, curriculum, and high-quality development programs to position you for leadership opportunities. As we plan to double in size in the next five years, everyone here has access to personal and professional growth opportunities!

You Can Be Authentically YOU

Working with good people who encourage you to operate as your authentic self is so important, and we have some of the best. We value your voice, presence, and commitment to our students and communities. We want you to feel safe, secure, and comfortable being your whole self because we know that it not only positively contributes to your overall well-being, but students can also build genuine connections when you do.

Race & Equity matter here

At KIPP Philly, we aspire to create and sustain high-performing schools that celebrate our students’ identities and serve all students with excellence and equity. We predominantly serve black students in North and West Philadelphia. To make a lasting impact on educational outcomes for our students, our commitment to equity must extend beyond cultural competence. Our organization prides itself on operating with an anti-racist, liberatory lens that fuels every decision and action. We work with our communities to combat educational inequity and social injustice head-on. We’re seeing the results in our graduation rates, but there’s still more work to do! Working at KIPP Philly means having the opportunity to transform student outcomes; it means standing up against educational inequity and making an impact.

Competitive Pay & Excellent Benefits

We believe in equitable and transparent compensation for your years of commitment to education, and we want to reward you for your performance! A first-year teacher has the opportunity to earn between $52,500 and $56,500, depending on certification [cert] status and content area! As your years of experience increases, your earning power could exceed $100,000 depending on performance and other factors. The longer you stay with our organization and perform well, the more your performance pay will increase. You can earn up to an additional $7,500 annually. We also cover 100% of dental & vision insurance coverage and 85%-95% of the cost of health insurance coverage for you and your family. 

Your professional network will extend nationwide

YOUR NETWORK WILL BE HUGE. And it will not just be in your classroom or school. When you join KIPP, you automatically become part of a nationwide network of over 3,000 teachers across 275 schools spanning 30 regions. Although our network is vast, we operate as ONE KIPP. This means we collaborate and share best practices we learn from others across the nation. You’ll have the benefits of a nationwide network with proven outcome-based development while experiencing the close-knit support of your regional and school-based team. Join our team!


Family & Community Partnership

We are honored to be a part of our communities in North and West Philadelphia. We’re partnering across classrooms, schools and neighborhoods. We throw block parties, host voting polls, and visit each student’s home. We’re privileged to work with and for our community.

We invest in students beyond K-12

Student persistence is virtal and KIPP Philadelphia is committed to supporting our students and alumni to live a choice-filled life. Our students earn alumni status once they have completed 8th grade at a KIPP middle school or graduated from a KIPP high school. The KIPP Forward team provides essential resources to all KIPP students and alumni as they make the transition from middle school to high school, as they prepare for and enter college and while they pursue their college degrees.

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Danielle Cooper-Williams

Danielle's Career Path

Art Teacher
Assistant Principal
Senior Director of Equity & Cultural Proficiency

Danielle is a graduate of Philly’s Central High and landed at KIPP as an art teacher in 2010. She later became an Assistant Principal at KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy, she where she developed a passion for educational equity. This led her to become the inaugural Senior Director of Equity & Cultural Proficiency, where she supports staff in developing anti-racist beliefs and practices to benefit students.

Danielle Cooper-Williams

Senior Director of Equity & Cultural Proficiency, KIPP Philadelphia Regional Office

Gregg Conley

Gregg's Career Path

Middle School Math Teacher
Dean of Students

Gregg comes from a family of educators and has always believed in the importance of having Black male educators in the classroom. The youngest of five, he saw his teachers as members of his community and had teachers of color as young as kindergarten which motivated him to become an educator. Gregg believes in supporting students through building strong relationships with them and their families.

Gregg Conley

Senior Dean of Culture, KIPP West Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School

LaTasha Stone

LaTasha's Career Path

Liberty Teaching Fellow
Lead Teacher
Assistant Principal

LaTasha is a proud North Philly native who began her KIPP journey as a Liberty Teaching Fellow in a kindergarten classroom. She then began teaching fourth grade before transitioning into the role of an Assistant Principal. LaTasha is a first-generation college graduate who believes in empowering students to chart their own paths and reach their full potential.

LaTasha Stone

Assistant Principal, KIPP Philadelphia Preparatory Academy