Our Vision for the Future

KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools Vision for the Future

Our students, teachers, staff, families, trustees, and alumni have engaged in numerous discussions to help shape the vision for KIPP Philadelphia through 2025.

Preparation for the future

Vision for Impact

KIPP Philadelphia Public School (KPPS) students love coming to school. Each day, they are welcomed by committed teachers and staff who deliver engaging and culturally responsive instruction that prepares them for the next grade, and, ultimately, college and a career. Students are consistently affirmed in their identities, validated as whole humans, and intellectually challenged in their classes. Our students, families, and staff work together to build inclusive, joyous, and responsive school communities. When combined, the instruction, strong school communities, and approach to education will result in 100 percent of our alumni reporting that their experience at KPPS prepared them to embark on an academic or career path of their choosing upon high school graduation.

A Vision for All

Five Planning Pathways

Student Experience

Every KPPS student feels constantly affirmed, valued, and challenged through all programming, interactions, and experiences. Every day, students actively engage in rich learning experiences that center them and their communities. Students have opportunities to shine in and out of the classroom with a myriad of extracurricular activities, social-emotional learning experiences, community building celebrations and routines, alongside comprehensive and rigorous academics. Students engage with adults who inspire them, empower them, and deeply believe in their brilliance and potential. Because of stellar instruction and students’ investment in their learning, our schools meet or exceed benchmarks for promoting students from each grade band (grades 4, 8, 12) on or above grade level in reading and math.

Alumni Success

KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy (KDCA) consistently graduates students who have been prepared to attend college or purposefully pursue and succeed at a postsecondary path of their choosing. To achieve this goal, we implement vertically aligned career programming starting in 3rd grade and emphasize the importance of both succeeding academically to achieve individualized career goals and the social-emotional qualities that will ensure self-sufficiency and student agency. This work is supported through successful implementation of our student-facing college and career tools and investment of students in their progress and career pathway. Our middle and high school KIPP Forward programs are designed to effectively identify students’ strengths and needs and support them on their path to achieving the GPA, ACT scores, and Keystone proficiency required for their postsecondary goals. We continue to grow the number of KIPP alumni who are actively engaged with KPPS—through contact with the KIPP Forward team, involvement with one or more KPPS schools, or employment at one of our KPPS schools.

Team Experience

KPPS staff consistently feel that their professional skills, time, and well-being are honored, and they all work in service of positive student and alumni outcomes. We are a premier destination for veteran and novice educators who are committed and culturally competent. We are thoughtful and creative in offering sustainable and impactful support, resources, differentiated training opportunities, and career pathways. Schools and teams have responsive plans for wellness and development that allow our team members to make a home with us for the long term, thereby providing the stable and healthy school environment our students deserve.

Family Experience

KPPS families are engaged as partners in the student learning experience through an inclusive and multifaceted approach to family involvement, communication, and resource sharing. KPPS uses a standardized approach to communication with families across all schools that ensures accessible and transparent information sharing.

Local Impact

KIPP Philadelphia will serve more than 3,500 students with a goal of serving at least 4,000 students by 2030. A strong brand recognition and fundraising strategy supports this growth to recruit families, students, teachers, community partners, and financial supporters aligned with our mission and vision for education. We have continued to strengthen our relationship with the School District of Philadelphia and mission-aligned peer charter schools by partnering and sharing best practices, particularly around our KIPP Forward work and our commitment to both academic outcomes and the wellness of our students and families. We have built strong relationships in the communities where our schools are located that go beyond the education we provide in our schools. We will extend this support by leveraging our voice to advocate on behalf of our communities on issues that are important to them and by being a leading voice in Philadelphia around public education.