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KIPP Forward is a program designed to help students choose and prepare for educational and career paths that match their goals and interests. KIPP Forward counselors work with students starting in elementary school up until six years after high school graduation to expose students to career options and support them as they navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges of preparing for post-secondary life.

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By the Numbers

Our Students


Students Served

KIPP Philadelphia currently serves 1,500 students in grades K-4, 720 students in grades 5-8, and 530 students in grades 9-12.


Students Identify as Black or African American

We pride our schools on affirming our students’ identities and supporting our students’ agency to create change by disrupting systems that were not designed for their success.


Unique Zip Codes

Our students com from 83 unique zip codes throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

By the Numbers

Our Impact



KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools’ alumni are making their mark. They are earning degrees, building businesses, serving their communities, and leading choice-filled lives.


High School Graduation Rate

High School Graduation Rate: KIPP Philadelphia honors our promise to support students to and through college and career completion by empowering graduating seniors to continue to use their scholarly habits, knowledge, and qualities of character to continue advancing and engaging with our communities.


College Matriculation Rate

College Matriculation Rate: College is still the best option for a majority of KIPP Philadelphia students. We are proud to report that our students’ matriculate to college at a rate that is higher than the Philadelphia City and Pennsylvania State rates.

By the Numbers

Our Region


K-12 Students Enrolled

2 existing schools will enroll an additional 860 K-8 students by 2030.


New Buildings

2 new buildings welcomed students in 2022.


Students On Our Waitlist

Students on Our Waitlist:To accommodate an ever-growing waitlist, by 2030, KIPP Philadelphia plans to expand to serve over 4,000 children across the city.

Reporting Our Performance


As charter schools, we are held accountable for our results by the state and the School District of Philadelphia. Each organization publishes a report on our performance against their standards. Please see each report linked below: